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ART CX310 77 615 KZT

Кроссовер двухканальный аналоговый, 2 входа (XLR-TRS), 4 выхода (XLR-TRS), 2\3 полосы, 1U.

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Артикул: 7280

Описание (англ)

Designed for Live PA and fixed-installation applications, the model CX310 is a precision Two-Way Stereo / 3-Way mono analog crossover network. 24dB/octave state-variable, fourth-order, Linkwitz-Riley filters. Fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley filters guarantee in-phase outputs at all frequencies which is mandatory for the proper acoustic summing of common signals from adjacent drivers in the crossover region.

Each channel features input level, high and low output level and crossover frequency rotary controls. A frequency "x10" switch is provided for varying the crossover frequency from the standard 80Hz - 920Hz to 800Hz - 9200Hz. Front panel output mute switches are provided for each individual output to ease system setup. The rear panel features XLR and active balanced 1/4-inch TRS input and output connectors as well as a two-way / three-way mode selector switch.

Housed in a rugged all-steel chassis, the model CX310 will provide years of continuous reliable performance.


    Stereo Two-Way or Mono Three-way Configurations
    Fourth-Order Linkwitz-Riley Filters
    Active Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS Input and Output Connectors
    Individual Output Muting Switches
    x10 Frequency Range Adjusting Switch
    Clipping Indicators on all Outputs
    Designed for Years of continuous, reliable performance
    Rugged all-steel Construction

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