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DAS Audio SF-215 798 800 KZT

Акустическая система, середина MR\HB в исполнении bandpass 2x15'.
1400W, 4 ом, 60-125 Гц, 102\134 дБ.
Вес 64 кг, размеры 1130х455х535 мм.

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Описание (англ.)


- Twin 15″ loudspeakers
- Elegant cabinet design
- Band-pass configuration
- Custom color schemes
- Specific hardware for rigging and stacking

The SF-215 is a bass-mid system comprising twin 15″ loudspeakers mounted is a band-pass enclosure. The SF-215 provides the punch and definition needed for today´s dance music. The SF-215 can be stacked vertically or mounted on either side of the SF-112 for flown horizontal arrays using the optional stacking and rigging hardware. The elegant cabinet design sports a decorative lacquered center piece which can be ordered with custom colors.

Technical Data

RMS Power Handling: 1400 W
Peak Power Handling: 5600 W
Frequency Range (-10 dB): 60 - 125 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
On-axis Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m: 102 dB SPL
Rated Peak SPL at 1 m: 134 dB
Enclosure Material: Birch Plywood
Color/Finish: Black/ISO-flex
Connectors: 2 x NL4 Speakon
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1130 x 455 x 535 mm
Weight: 64 kg

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