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DAS Audio SF-30A 4 128 500 KZT

Активная акустическая система - сабвуфер 7500W.
30' динамический громкоговоритель с плавающим магнитом и электроподмагничиванием
145 дБ, 28-125 Гц,
Вес 106 кг, 610х1050х795 мм, интерфейс DASnet.

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Описание (англ.)


-Powered subwoofer system
-Single 30″ high density polyethylene cone
-Unique moving magnet linear motor design
-Ultra high power amplifier design
-Differential Pressure Control®
-Highly reinforced cabinet design
-Unmatched performance compared to conventional systems

The SF-30A makes use of an innovative and unique transducer based on the patented M-Force® moving magnet linear motor structure. Unparalleled performance in terms of power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum SPL are a few of the innovative features and improvements with respect to the conventional moving coil arrangement.

The motor system is driven by a ultra high power Class D amplifier module which is no less impressive than the motor design. Amazing figures in terms of both output voltage (310 Vpeak) and current capabilities (200 Apeak), the M-Drive® amplifier is capable of exploiting the full potential of the M-Force®. The DPC® (Differential Pressure Control) is a powerful active acoustic processing tool which controls and enhances the performance of the system.

M-Force®, M-Drive® and DPC® are registered trademarks of Powersoft S.p.A.

Technical Data

Nominal LF Amplifier Power: 7500 W (continuous)
Maximal LF Amplifier Power: 15000 W (peak)
Frequency Range (-10 dB): 24 Hz-90 Hz
Rated Peak SPL at 1 m: 150 dB
Connectors    Audio INPUT: Female XLR
Audio + Data INPUT: etherCON (DASnet)
Audio + Data OUTPUT: etherCON (DASnet)
AC Requirements: Universal Mains 85 - 230V
Current Draw (1/3 power @ 230 V): 6.2A at 230V
Enclosure Material: Birch Plywood
Color/Finish: Black / ISO-flex Paint
Dimensions (H x W x D): 600 x 1060 x 800 mm
Weight: 106 kg

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